On Saturday, July 25, 2009 Kingdom Techs hosted The 1st Annual San Diego Christian Business Expo!

This event took place at The San Diego Community Concourse, 202 C Street in downtown San Diego.

Some Comments About

The San Diego Christian Business Expo 

Thank you so much for The San Diego Christian Business Expo. It was a great time for education, information sharing, and fellowship in business. Please keep me in mind for future events.
Stephen Elton Turner

I really enjoyed myself and was truly blessed...
Carl Davis Jr.

I really enjoyed myself Saturday at the Christian business expo. Overall, it was a great event.
Kim Wilson Mills

It was my first time at an event like this, I had fun, networked, and made some business.
James Rudd

We had a productive day.
I really enjoyed meeting you! You have a great smile and a winning personality.
Looking forward to a Blessed and 'GREAT' future!
Kathy Villalobos

Thanks for taking the effort to organize this.
Kathy Rivette

Thank you for the opportunity to network with other Christian businesses in the San Diego area. The speakers you provided were inspiring, knowledgeable and interesting to hear from. If you have another expo in January we’d like to participate as an exhibitor. Please keep us posted when you make your plans.
Elaine Woodson

Just wanted to say thanks for the Expo on Saturday. It was a good event that
I see lots of potential to the Christian Business community here in San
Diego. We will be happy to stand along side you for future events.
Scott Coyle (The Christian Examiner)

Very professional setting. The flow of the service and the amount of information was great.
Eddie Baltrip

Thank you for the Christian Business Expo! It definitely was a much needed event. Every speaker was informative and educated in each
business subject addressed! I look forward to future Christian Business Expo seminars! Keep up the great work!
Charlyn Douglas

THANK YOU for your work on this event. You should be proud of it.
Tom Levine (KPRZ)